Southern China Exports specializes in locating and exporting almost any product straight from China and shipping the products to almost any location in the world. We serve entrepreneurs to small businesses, to large global enterprises. We help our customers by saving them considerable amounts of money and time. Southern China Exports is committed to making sure our clients get the best price without compromising quality.


We have two types of customers:

The customer looking for wholesale prices for existing products with the option of adding their own logo to the product.

The customer needing to produce or manufacture unique products or inventions at wholesale prices with the option of branding their product by adding personal logo and designs.

We help our customers accomplish the following:

Find existing products of all varieties at wholesale prices from the cheapest supplier

Help the customer find suppliers to design custom products or manufacture new inventions

Send one sample to customer before they pay for the entire order for quality assurance

Add their own personal designs,logos and branding to the product

Help our customers to make their dreams of creating their own product line come true

Ship product to customers' desired location

Handle import and export tax processing for an additional charge

About Us

We wanted to create a source where anyone in the world could come to find whatever product they were looking for, at incredible prices. We are a young, joint American-Chinese partnership with headquarters in Hong Kong.

Security Guarantee

Because we use PayPal, you always have the security of knowing that you will get your product or you will not have to pay for it. In addition, we encourage our clients to get shipping insurance so that your product is guaranteed.

How It Works

Fill out the inquiry form

Expect a response within 5 business days

Arrange for a sample to be sent of your product (fee depends on the particular product)

If you are pleased with the product, order the desired number of items

Choose among our various shipping options

Pay for your order with PayPal

Receive your order